Jarvis Pizzeria: Business Reports & Dashboards

Within the workspace there are some out of the box dashboards that you can use to monitor your instance. When you go to My Tasks and click Dashboard, by default the Health dashboard is shown.

There are a total of 5 default dashboards, Health, Open, Workload, Trend & Closed. You can use the filters on the right hand side to filter the dashboard.

The health dashboard will give you an instant, real-time view of the number of active processes running on your instance at this very moment, differentiated between the various states:

  • Active: this process is going on currently. Some tasks are being assigned or worked on.
  • Suspended: This process is currently suspended, waiting for some actions to occur. This would be the case if the process is triggered by some message catch, or other event.
  • Recoverable: your process has encountered some errors, and has an incomplete state, waiting to be recovered manually

To learn more about the default dashboards, visit the Process Cloud Documentation (https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/integration-cloud/user-processes/monitoring-and-adjusting-processes.html#GUID-7951D542-9045-4328-9651-1901E600AEFD).

Next to the default out of the box dashboards, it is also possible to create custom System Reports. For this we go to the second tab of the Dashboard, called Business Analytics. Here you can select your Data Source type, in this example Process with the Jarvis_Pizzeria application. You can pick from several Process related data for both the X Axis as well as the Y Axis.

In this example we went for Process Instance Status grouped by Process Display Name on the X Axis and on the Y axis Process Open Time in Days with the Average function. Resulting in a graph that clearly represents our Test environment, since on production we serve pizza within minutes!